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Babies’ Bodies Fire Hospital Heating Plants

The bodies of at least 15,500 aborted and miscarried babies have been incinerated as medical waste in 27 National Health Service hospitals in England during the last two years. This according to Sarah Knapton’s article in the British paper The Telegraph. Two of the hospitals used the lifeless bodies as fuel for “waste-to-energy” to generate heat for the hospitals.

bodies of Nazi victims and babies treated the same
Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H26996 / CC-BY-SA

There is a horrible similarity between the modern British waste-to-energy facilities and the German ovens of World War 2. They both efficiently disposed of human bodies. The Nazis, and the NHS staff, considered the bodies of imago Dei humans to be “waste.” The only difference is that the Germans were simply disposing of the evidence of their evil deeds, while the British were providing heat for hospitals. The irony is both inescapable and heart breaking.

Such a story indicates how completely we have “caught up” with the “civility” of the Nazis. Consider this: such horror has gone on for a number of years without major coverage in the press! When it was reported, this vile news was not splashed across the front page of The Telegraph but placed in the “Health News” section.

How hard is the modern heart toward human life, and especially life of the most vulnerable. The culture of death so present in the evil of the Nazis is again fully present in today’s world. Moderns don’t think twice about aborting pre-born babies, or using their bodies to fire furnaces.

As Friedrich Nietzsche prophetically concluded, if God is dead, anything that has its existence in God’s existence is dead, too! Francis Schaeffer, the Christian apologist, showed the clear connection between ideas and their consequences, “If God is dead, then man is dead, too.”

Ideas do have consequences! We witness this historically in the depreciation of human life as government policy.

  • In 1932-33, Stalin instituted the Holomodor – extermination by starvation, of approximately ten million Ukrainian nationals.
  • Hitler’s Third Reich killed six million Jews and five million other “undesirable” people in the Holocaust.
  • Today, China is terminating the lives of a million baby girls in an outrageous gendercide.

We wrote about Chinese abortion and your face cream here. And now, in “civilized” Britain, aborted babies and stillborn babies are used for fuel to heat hospitals. What unspeakable evil comes next?

These things should not surprise us as each example is cut out of the same whole cloth of ideas. Atheism, by its nature, is informed by a godless and thus “lifeless” universe and creates a culture of death.

It’s time we pushed back, not simply against the policies and practices of death, but also against the principles and paradigms (the whole cloth of atheistic culture) that produces the practices. The callousness of moderns to allow this to happen is the fruit of the whole cloth, the culture.

Thankfully Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the National Health Service, has at least a memory of the sacredness of human life. Keogh has ordered the practice of incinerating baby’s bodies to be stopped. But what of the cultural consciousness of all those hospital and energy plant workers who made no distinction between the baby’s remains and so much “rubbish”?

In my lifetime, the world has always condemned, with horror, the murder of the Jews and the burning of their bodies by the Nazi’s. Man’s inhumanity to man continues today and at a horrible scale.

–          Darrow Miller

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