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What is Poverty?

I was stunned, but not surprised, by an article in VOX from Dylan Matthews titled, “Paul Ryan Loves Talking About Poverty, But He Keeps Getting the Basic Facts Wrong.” Paul Ryan has been speaking out recently on the topic of … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis a Communist?

In November Pope Francis published Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel). He characterized the paper as not a comprehensive document, but rather a simple sharing of his pastoral heart for the mission of the Church. In the midst of … Continue reading

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How an ORDINARY PERSON Shaped History

History is built by ordinary people. Last September we published The BERLIN WALL and the Unlikely Power of A Monday Church. The post described the role of Pastor Christian Fuhrer and his Saint Nikolai Evangelical Lutheran Church in triggering the fall … Continue reading

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The Power of a Pencil

Where do we find the resources for the development of communities and nations? Our answer will reveal which economic model we embrace. The Atheistic-Materialistic model assumes that human beings are fundamentally animals who consume resources. Resources, in this model, are material … Continue reading

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Atheism’s Death Wish: The Roots of Cultural Suicide

Maybe you’ve seen the recent news stories about atheist billboards (“Don’t believe in God? Join the club.” or “Millions are good without God.” etc.) The following excerpt from a forthcoming book by Darrow Miller sheds some needed light on the … Continue reading

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 3

Oikonomia vs. Chrematistics In direct opposition to what those possessing a GCU (Great Commission Utilitarianism) mindset state, God’s ends reveals that human beings are placed on earth for economic purposes: to be the catalysts to allow families, communities and nations … Continue reading

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Mongolians Turning to Christ

After discovering that a secular utopia could not exist beneath the guise of communism, Mongolians are turning to the Christian faith and rediscovering a culture of Hope. Check it out. -Tim C. Williams 00   

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Western Society Seeks Alternative Spirituality

This was written as a response to numerous comments that Darrow received on his last post. It seems that this blog struck a chord with some people who are Atheists in their belief/faith system. A number have called me on … Continue reading

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Challenging Movie Clip: Volition

I have not seen a film in a long time that has effected me so strongly.  In 15 minutes, this film (titled Volition) explores the choices of action and inaction at three major points in history. Our world truly makes … Continue reading

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The Cornerstone

In my reading this morning, I was reflecting on Paul’s words in Romans 9:33.  He speaks of Christ as the stumbling stone when he writes: “See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock … Continue reading

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