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Challenging Movie Clip: Volition

I have not seen a film in a long time that has effected me so strongly.  In 15 minutes, this film (titled Volition) explores the choices of action and inaction at three major points in history. Our world truly makes it easy to conform and difficult to stand in opposition to societal pressures.  (While not a visually violent film, it deals with strong emotional themes and will make any slightly emotional person weep – just as a warning!).

I explored their host site further:  http://www.thedoorpost.com/ They have a short film contest going on through March, so make sure you submit your own film!  hehe.  The themes they are exploring as they seek to change and refresh words in our society are:  forgiveness, freedom, humility, joy and redemption.  Amen!

-Tim C. Williams

Let me know what you think!

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