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God’s Laws, the “Secret” to Life

This is post 15 of 18 in the series “classics” Not Every Story is Based in Reality How Homosexuality Became Normal in the West How Evolutionists Explain Poverty Lies Enslave, Truth Transforms Human Evil, Cosmic Consequences NURTURING: The Wonder of Being There Personal God, Personal Creation The Implications of Moral

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Discipleship: Two Imporant Distinctions

Sometimes we achieve helpful clarity by recognizing important distinctions between similar but different concepts. In fact, some of our most popular blog posts have been about distinctions. Bob Moffitt’s post Reconciliation vs. Restoration has generated lots of traffic. And our most popular post, by far, is School vs. Education. To

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Biblical Principles Lived Out Can Change the World

Recently, Richard Smith in Argentina published a “sympathetic critique” of Darrow’s book Discipling Nations. He raised issues about Disciple Nations Alliance teaching that have been noted by others from time to time. We published, in six parts, Richard’s critique and Darrow’s response.  In this follow-up post we bring you Richard’s response to Darrow, and

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