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To Reject God is to Dismiss Your Humanity

This is post 4 of 10 in the series “Romans 1” We muddle and even dismiss our humanity when we reject God. The truth of God’s existence has been revealed with such clarity that people who refuse to acknowledge God must suppress the truth. They must repeatedly and actively submerge the

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To Be a Pygmy Is To Be Made in God’s Image

  Pygmy. The name evokes varied images, not all favorable. In fact, Pygmies have not always esteemed themselves. That’s why a recent story about a Pygmy community in the Congo is so compelling. They came to see for the first time what it means to be made in the image

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What is Poverty, Really?

“A lack of money.” That’s probably how most people would define poverty. But those who actually live in poverty may be more qualified to answer. If so, what might they say? A few years ago, someone from HOPE International interviewed 20 people, most of whom lived on less than $2

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Vishal Reflects on Christmas

This is quoted from Vishal Mangalwadi‘s Christmas Newsletter: A year ago a great many Americans saw Candidate Obama as a Savior, so much so that he was prompted to humorously issue this clarification: “Contrary to the rumors you may have heard, I was not born in a manger.” Today his

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 4

In the second line, Watts says “Let earth receive her king.”  Note that the object of the first two lines has changed, from world to earth.  I don’t think this was a slip of the pen or poetic variation in his writing.  Watts was not only a hymn writer, he was

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