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The Power of a Pencil

Where do we find the resources for the development of communities and nations? Our answer will reveal which economic model we embrace. The Atheistic-Materialistic model assumes that human beings are fundamentally animals who consume resources. Resources, in this model, are material things that lie in the ground and thus, by definition,

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The Roots of the Global Economic Crisis

[The following post, refreshed  from its original publication, is highly relevant to the current political-economic environment.] The global economic crisis is, at its root, a moral and metaphysical crisis. Our economic principles and polices are founded on assumptions which are either theistic or atheistic. One set of assumptions fits reality the

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Worldview Gives Power for Life

Click here to watch a 5 minute inspirational video clip. This young man–born with no arms and no legs–could have believed that he could not enjoy life, but he chose to believe differently and has enjoyed the fruit of his decision. Many people today will still choose to believe that

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The Solution to Africa’s Poverty

The other day my good friend from Malaysia, Seelok Ting, sent me an article from Matthew Parris in TIMESONLINE.  The title of the article is As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God:  Missionaries, not aid money, are the solution to Africa’s biggest problem – the crushing passivity of

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 6 of 6

There are three primary options of governance:  license, tyranny and freedom. License is what some people in the West mean by “freedom.”  Freedom, in an Atheistic framework, is defined as the ability to do what one pleases.  People do what “feels good,” they follow their noses.  This concept means that

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