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Follow-up Thoughts on Jane Roe Commercial

“Wow. This is amazing. We really need to get the word out about this. What surprised me the most was her statement that after fighting this case, she didn’t actually have an abortion. Did I hear that right? Did she really say that?”
-Mandie Miller

Mandie! You did hear her right! Isn’t that amazing?! Can you imagine! Something a friend of mine has told me many times now continues to resonate in my mind . . . she says, “I’ve never heard of a woman who says, ‘I’m so glad I had my abortion.'”

That is so profound to me. I recognize that there are often profound challenges for the people that make this decision, but I don’t think anyone is consciously happy about a decision to eliminate their child.

I watched another short film from this site titled “Truth”: http://virtuemedia.org/films.htm You can find it toward the bottom of the page. It’s not visually difficult, but it is emotional as women share their personal experience and regret after having an abortion. So sad.

-Tim C. Williams

An update from VirtueMedia.org, the creators of this ad:
In fall 2008, over 22,000 abortion vulnerable women responded to our national crisis pregnancy ads during our 5 week test. Now, our new 2009 national MTV and BET ad campaign is yielding as many as 2,460 requests for help each day the ads air. We pray that more support will come, so that we can continue to air these powerful ads to help save thousands of babies this year.

VirtueMedia ads also help reduce abortions in local communities. During the past years, VirtueMedia’s pro-life messages have been credited as helping to reduce abortions by as much as 20% in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dayton and Phoenix.

VirtueMedia is a 501(c)(3) Educational not for profit corporation, and donations are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines. We pledge that 100% of your donation will be used for creating and airing pro-life ads, and not a penny would be used for salaries, rent, nor fundraising.

All support of our apostolate to keep these ads airing is greatly appreciated; you can donate through our website: http://www.virtuemedia.org/share.htm

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