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Pro-Life Advocate Gunned Down

I want to take time to acknowledge and mourn the death of James Pouillon, a pro-life advocate who was gunned down as he peacefully protested outside of a high school in Michigan this September. While the media intensely covered the death of late-term abortion practitioner, George Tiller, the media along with abortion advocates have been largely silent about the murder of Pouillon.

Here is an excerpt from “President Obama Waits Two Days to Release Statement on Shooting of Pro-Lifer”:

Former Republican presidential candidate and American Values leader Gary Bauer said he has seen a different approach from the mainstream media in its reporting on the Pouillon shooting.

“Regrettably, there have been incidents of violence at abortion centers in recent years. We, and virtually every pro-life group, have condemned those acts,” he told LifeNews.com. “At the same time, Big Media never missed an opportunity to use each example to condemn the entire pro-life movement as if it consisted entirely of hate-filled people.”

“Today, a pro-life activist was shot and killed outside of a Michigan high school. The victim has been described in press reports as a 63-year old man, who wore leg braces, occasionally used a walker and a portable oxygen tank,” he continued.

“Will reporters and journalists offer commentary on the extremism of the pro-abortion movement and the culture of death that it perpetuates? Will this story even make the evening news?”

Thus far, the media reporting has been light compared with the blow-by-blow details given to the Tiller shooting. (emphasis added)

Here is one sentiment (and an article with more details) on which I continue to reflect: “Could [it] be that one side in this debate does, in fact, value human life more than the other”?

-Tim C. Williams

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