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Individuality and Fibonacci’s Golden Rectangle

A few years ago, friends in Puerto Rico introduced me to one of the “fingerprints” of God. Known as Fibonacci’s Golden Rectangle or the Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci’s numbers were first published in the West in Liber Abaci  (1202) by the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa.

Like many people, I have pondered the relationship between Art and Science. It seems that God, the First Artist, was also the First Mathematician. In Fibonacci’s Golden Rectangle we see the beauty of mathematics and the mathematics of beauty.

As individuals, we are the production of God’s love of individuality. Watch this brief video, and marvel at God, Creation, and your own unique purpose.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjrK96wasDk&w=425&h=349&rel=0]


– Darrow Miller


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