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The PERFECT DAY to Celebrate God’s Gift of Female

In my experience, there is one truth that almost always brings women to tears: the transcendent nature of the maternal heart.

When they hear what the Bible says about a woman’s nurturing instinct, that God’s maternal heart is the source of their own mothering nature, they often break down. The moment becomes a time for deep reflection, and for the beginning of healing from the brokenness they have experienced from a misogynist culture.

I recently spent two weeks in Latin America. In Guatemala, I had the privilege of speaking in two venues to people who are working with battered and abused humans. In Chile, my hearers were a group of young people preparing for missionary service. In all three settings, when I spoke on The Maternal Heart of God, the message spoke deeply to the lives of the women, and the men, listening.

Indian girlOctober 11 is the Day of the Girl Child. Some friends in India have launched what they call, Let Her Live. This is their effort in the fight to restore the dignity of women and the female child in their country.  They write, “Nearly 7,000 girls are killed in India every day. Prejudice against girl children among Indians is a worldwide phenomenon. This, in a sense, is genocide. Millions of Indian girls are missing. They are victims of foeticide, infanticide, malnutrition, illiteracy, abuse, violence, trafficking and forced labour.”

Yes, that’s 7,000 every day. The numbers, and the abuse, defy the imagination.

Please take time to read the article, International Day of the Girl Child posted by Let Her Live. You will see how they are responding to this crises in their culture. Let the beautiful prayer guide your own response to this darkness and evil.

Pass the link on to your network as we seek to draw attention to this global gendercide.

– Darrow Miller

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