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How a Belief in the TRINITY Could Transform Society

One truth of scripture–the Trinity–could make a profound difference in our society.

We live in a world of sexual confusion.

  • the family is disintegrating,
  • men are being feminized and women masculinized,
  • global power brokers are trying to redefine marriage in principle and national policy
  • the embarrassment of being a mother is bringing nation after nation to the place of cultural suicide.

All this because we refuse to orient our lives around the Creator of the universe and the Order of Creation – TRUTH.

In his new book, Delighting in the Trinity, British historian, theologian, pastor and author, Michael Reeves, writes of the beauty of God’s being Trinity and the His corresponding making us imago Dei – male and female. Please enjoy this excerpt, be encouraged and challenged.

Delighting in the Trinity

– Darrow Miller

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