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Sex Selective Abortion: Femicide Emerges in the USA

Sex selective abortion reminds us that every vacuum of virtue is filled with evil. In the US, because we have failed to support the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, we are witnessing an increase of evil.

In the last few decades we have witnessed growth in abortions, including late-term and “fourth-trimester” abortion. We are seeing a growing acceptance of euthanasia, a celebration, even, of “death with dignity.”

Now we are witnessing gendercide gaining a foothold in the United States.

We began writing about gendercide over four years ago (see Gendercide: the War on Baby Girls and Getting Involved in the Fight Against Gendercide). If you regularly read Darrow Miller and Friends, you know that 200,000,000 women are missing in the world today. Two-hundred million females have been killed simply because they are female. Every year, India and China kill more baby girls than are born in the United States.

And not only India and China. Recently, the wide use of gendercide has been reported in England and Europe.

Now the evil may be branded Made in America.

Some Chinese, Indian, and Korean families immigrating to the United States have brought a retrograde, sexist cultural baggage of misogyny with them. Researchers have found that families with this sexist cultural baggage are impacted when their first child is a daughter. In these families the male-female ratio of a second child was 117 to 100 in favor of boys. In the same family, if the first and second children were girls, the male-female ratio for a third child was 151-100. Clearly they were using sex selective abortion to eliminate female babies.

American “fertility clinics” are marketing advertisements to these Asian communities for sex selective abortion. A Google search for sex selective abortion revealed this advertisement:

Gender Selection Center – ReproductiveFertility.com‎   Adwww.reproductivefertility.com/ ‎ (213) 784-3542 Gender Selection, Family Balancing, Stress Free Healthy Pregnancy.

Here is a newspaper’s classified ad.

sex selective abortion ad

For more on advertising for sex selective abortion see “U.S. fertility clinic targets baby gender-selection ads at Indo-Canadian community.”

Planned Parenthood offices typically refuse to counsel against sex selective abortion. Their mantra, “a woman’s right to choose,” would better be stated, “Planned Parenthood’s right to profit.” See this undercover video of a Planned Parenthood office in Texas as an example.

Nine out ten Americans oppose sex selective abortion. In 2012, there was an attempt to eliminate sex selective abortion. Known as the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), the legislation was defeated 246-178 on May 31, 2012. We feign outrage that 200 million women are missing in the world. But given the opportunity, Congress can’t muster enough support to stop gendercide in the USA.

You would think feminist groups would have supported legislation to stop sex selective abortion of female babies. One of the reasons the bill failed is that pro-abortionists like Planned Parenthood and NARAL opposed the legislation. Here is a NARAL twitter attack against PRENDA: Fight back against #PRENDA. Tell your Rep to say NO to this #antichoice bill: http://bit.ly/JyRBgT #HR3541.

For the modern feminist, preventing sex selective abortion limits “a woman’s right to choose.” And any law to such effect is unacceptable.

Do feminists really not value the life of baby girls? Do they really value “a woman’s right to choose” over the life of a female child? If this thinking proceeds to its logical conclusion, there will be no more women to make choices.

Perhaps that doesn’t matter. Perhaps what matters is their right to choose abortion even if it means there are no future generations of females.

For more on this subject see Rachael Lu’s piece “The United States Has A Femicide Problem”. What kind of insanity is this?

–          Darrow Miller



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