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On Labor Day Celebrate Human Governance

Labor Day is the perfect occasion to acquaint our readers with a new offering from our friend, educator and writer Christian Overman.

We spend a huge chunk of our waking hours working. That’s what Labor Day is all about, right?

But many of us fail to see how our work relates to God’s purposes. Pastors work for God, sure. And missionaries. The rest of us worship on Sunday. The rest of the week, well, we just go to the job. Maybe we don’t even like our job. Or maybe we do. Maybe, even, we’re really good at it. But how many Christ followers seize the opportunity afforded by their work, i.e. to participate fully in Jesus’ kingdom plan to restore the creation?

Celebrate human governance on Labor Day

This deficit has been around a long time, perpetuated by the systems of education. In 2016 America nobody expects public schools to equip students with a biblical worldview. But few Christian schools are prepared to teach the divine purpose behind everything around us.

read Christian Overman on Labor DayThat’s why Dr. Overman has just written, The Lost Purpose for Learning: An Essay on United States Education With Implications for All Nations.

Christian points out that humans were given governance (dominion) over the whole creation. Everything.

Work, at its core, is an act of governance. Governance over wood, metal, cows, cotton, and carrots. Governance over sound waves, electrical currents, and wind. Governance over computer keyboards, fiber optics, and digital images. Governance over people. Governance over things. Governance over ideas.

You can watch that play out right now. Click here, and the pixel screens on your computer (over which humans have taken governance) will display his 57-page essay right here on your screen.  You can read and reap much benefit.

Labor Day is the perfect day to do just that!

  • Gary Brumbelow

On a related note … Another new resource is almost ready for release, “Monday Church: Our daily work for the service of man, the blessings of nations, and the glory of God.” This new video series is getting its final touches and will be available very soon. Go to Disciple Nations Alliance, and click on Coram Deo School in the Resources drop down.

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