Darrow Miller and Friends

Interact With Darrow Miller Live This Summer


You are invited to join Darrow Miller for three free, live webinars this summer.

June 13 —

The Transforming Story: The Bible is the book that transforms. It can transform individual lives, lift communities out of poverty, and build nations that are free, just, compassionate; it leads to human flourishing.

July 11 —

The Maternal Heart of God: One of the greatest causes of poverty in the world is a lie! The lie: men are superior to women. In fact, women, like men, have been endowed with dignity and honor. They reveal God’s maternal heart to the world.

August 15 —

LifeWork: For too long, the church has been the church on Sundays, but not the church on Mondays. Work has been separated from worship. Young people long for their work to be significant. This session will reconnect one’s work to the coming of the Kingdom of God.


Each session will feature a lecture followed by a time for questions and dialogue.

Go here to register or get more information!

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