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Guns vs. Scalpels: Which Kills More Children?

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  2. Guns vs. Scalpels: Which Kills More Children?

Guns and scalpels are both used to kill children.

Virtually everyone in America is asking, How is it possible that we are having such gun violence in our schools?

Maybe, in part, because of another atrocity less visible but no less murderous. Maybe gun violence in our schools is driven by scalpel violence in the womb.

guns and scalpels used to kill childrenKilling children in the school is immoral and illegal, as it should be. But killing children in the womb, no less immoral, is not illegal. Perhaps a culture so void of a moral standard that it promotes death in the womb will also foster death in a school.

Daniel John Sobieski, writing in the American Thinker, makes this point.

If you shoot children in a school, liberals are justifiably outraged, as are we all, even if our solutions to the problem are different. But when children are murdered in their mother’s womb? Liberals like to talk about the need for safe spaces, sanctuary cities, and the need to keep our kids safe from gun violence. Yet they support the ultimate form of violence in what should be the safest space of all, again, their mother’s womb.

As one who believes that life begins at conception and ends at natural death, I object to this double standard which says the NRA fosters violence against America’s children, but Planned Parenthood does not.

Sobieski says, “Planned Parenthood is the NRA of the Democratic Party.” Well spoken. In fact, consider this: Planned Parenthood argues that one person has the right to choose to kill an innocent human life, but the NRA never makes that argument.

Some might say, “A gun is a weapon, designed to kill or inflict bodily harm. A scalpel is not a weapon.” But even though a scalpel is not designed as a weapon it is often used as a weapon. A scalpel used to kill a baby in the womb is lethal. Sobieski writes:

For the unborn, a scalpel is considered an assault weapon. We are told the abortion involves the right to choose. No child, whether in a school or in a womb, chooses death. All have an unalienable right to life. All should be mourned and all who kill them should be despised.

For Sobieski’s full argument go here.

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