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“Nobody Likes BLACK BABIES”

“Nobody likes black babies.”

That’s an actual quote. Keep reading for the context.

We have written about the evil reality of black abortions wildly disproportionate to the black population.

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The quote above comes from a recent post by Shawn-Marie Spry. Ms. Spry regularly reaches out to people in the vicinity of the Women’s Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan. She has engaged the gynecologist who owns the clinic, “at least ten times.” He has told her, in defense of the abortions he performs, “Nobody wants black babies. Adoption agencies turn them away and so they come to me.”

Ms. Spry includes a powerful story that perfectly captures what’s at stake in an abortion. It’s the story of Christina, a vibrant young married woman who was almost aborted. Christina reflects on what it was like to learn from her mother that her own life was saved when a mysterious stranger encouraged her mom just before she submitted to an abortion.

Here’s Christina’s story: Still on That Journey

Why does Christina talk about this? Because she wants to engage a discussion in the public square about the hideous facts of aborting black black babies are made in the image of Godbabies.

Whether you’re prochoice or prolife, let’s agree … I’m sure you don’t think it’s a good thing that abortion is the number one cause of death in the African-American community, that black women are three times more likely to have an abortion.

For Ms. Spry’s entire article go here.

A personal experience

In one of the moments of my life when I felt more alive than ever before, I was standing in handcuffs at a police station in Tucson, Arizona. I had just been arrested for the first time for saving the lives of two people, an unborn baby and her mother, who were about to be objectified by the abortion industry. Over 100 people—teenagers, grandparents, young couples, families and singles, mostly Christians—were risking arrest at an abortion clinic to save human lives. Standing with these folks for the dignity of human life was one of the exhilarating and proud moments of my life.

Click the video below to understand what motivated me. (Go here if the video does not appear.)

Another writer has coined the term “rolling genocide” for the aborting of black babies.

When is a genocide not a genocide? When it is a rolling genocide. When it is an ongoing but never finished extermination of a people targeted for destruction. When it rolls on, generation after generation. When it is too profitable to bring to an end.

– Darrow Miller

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