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Reflections on Psalm 87: The Blessing and Ingathering of the Nations

  1. Reflections on Psalm 87: The Blessing and Ingathering of the Nations
  2. Psalm 87: Insights from Charles Spurgeon
  3. Psalm 87 Insights from Charles Spurgeon, part 2
  4. Psalm 87: The New Jerusalem for All Nations
  5. Psalm 87: God Will Adopt His Former Enemies!
  6. Psalm 87: The Nations Will Come Into the City of God

Any objective observer would surely agree that we are witnessing global upheaval in multiple arenas:

Political upheaval – Nations are being rocked, as seen in

  • The elections of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Donald Trump in the USA,
  • The impending end of Teresa May’s government in Britain and Angela Merkel’s in Germany,
  • The dictatorship and near collapse of the Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela,
  • The global realignment between globalists and nationalists, those who favor “open borders” vs. those who want sovereign nations.

Violence – We are witnessing

  • The inhumanity and violence against unborn babies,
  • Black-on-black violence in urban centers,
  • Terrorist bombings in Europe and Africa,
  • Islamism attacking near enemies (moderate and moderating Muslim states) and far enemies, (secularists, Jews and Christians).

The nature of the human is being violated as seen in

  • Sex trafficking,
  • The mutilations of transgender surgery,
  • The redefining and destruction of the family and the very nature of human sexuality,
  • The loss of the absolutely important maternal influence of women,
  • Mothers sending their daughters off to college and having them return as “men,”
  • Nations that have so lost their identity they are ceasing to reproduce.

We seem to be mired in a swamp of narcissism. We seek salvation in endless consumerism, entertainment, and emotional highs, in addictions, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling. Ultimately in suicide.

None of these represent God’s intentions. As we have written recently, we have the promise of a different world, brought to us as a gift of the Jews.

A psalm to bring encouragment

Lately I have been reading through the Psalms. In them we witness the profound struggle within the hearts and minds of God’s people. We witness His people breaking their covenant with God, crying out to God, and crying out again when He seems not to hear and respond. (We all know these times in our lives.) Then we read of God’s keeping His end of the covenant, time after time. We hear from the psalmist of God’s greatness and faithfulness.

My reading of the Psalms has paused at Psalm 87 with a series of reflections and insights. In one sense this psalm has brought me face to face with God’s covenant with Abraham and the root of my own personal hope and our hope and the foundation of all that we are about at the Disciple Nations Alliance.

My prayer is that these reflections will encourage you as much as they are encouraging me.

–          Darrow Miller


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