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The SUPER BOWL AD That Was Too Much Reality for TV

  1. The SUPER BOWL AD That Was Too Much Reality for TV
  2. A WOMAN’S BIOLOGY: Too Much Reality for Feminists?

Super Bowl LIV ended in a victory for one team, a defeat for the other, and a loss for society.

According to Wikipedia, the Super Bowl is broadcast to 130 countries around, and is the most watched TV broadcast in the US every year.

FOX, the network that carried Super Bowl LIV, refused to run a 30-second ad, Faces of Choice.

The ad exposes the reality of a woman’s right to choose. We hear the words and see the faces of people who survived “the choice.”

Click the image below to see a two-minute introduction to Faces of Choice (or go here to see it at YouTube).

Why would FOX not air this advertisement?

Perhaps it is too much reality to expose to an audience of 100M people!

Perhaps it would expose the underbelly of one of the most sophisticated public relations triumphs of all times!

Please post this to your social media sites. Pass this blog onto your friends. We need to hear the remarkable stories of these survivors.

The world needs to know what the power brokers want to hide.

Will you be an advocate for these abortion survivors?

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NOTE: Today we are publishing two posts related to events happening right now. This is the first; stand by for the second a little later today.

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