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Coronavirus: An Opportunity to Reflect

Today’s Coronavirus reality provides an opportunity for everyone—no matter how busy we are—to sit down and re-evaluate some big questions. How am I spending my life? What direction am I headed? I recently asked these questions, and reflected on the situation the world is going through. Here are some thoughts I hope will be of interest for you, dear readers, and will stimulate your further thinking.the coronavirus is too small to see but it's real

A couple of people from the media and science fields have described this Coronavirus as “an enemy that you cannot see but you know it’s there!“

This phrase caught my attention. It affirms a fact often ignored by postmoderns who deny absolute truth. Yet here they are affirming the existence of something they cannot see, even with an optical microscope, because it’s so small. There’s an irony there: the Coronavirus is too small to be seen by the human eye. What about something too big to be seen by the same eye, like infinity!

Proponents of various worldviews debate about the existence of a hidden world. But deep inside, each of us knows it exists. Just like this virus, described as an unseen enemy, can have an impact on the physical body with symptoms that can be seen, the so-called hidden world which we cannot see has an impact and influence on the physical, material world we can see.

I will go further and say that this hidden world includes governance, that it has a moral order that establishes ethical laws that determine virtuous behavior, laws that can be distilled into one; as theologian and author C. S. Lewis put in his book Mere Christianity, “The law of human nature.” In other words, the law of right and wrong.

An opportunity to reflect

When we speak of “right” and “wrong” we imply that there are two parties that oppose each other, one supporting what is right and good, as defined by this moral law; and another party in opposition, not only disobeying the moral law but promoting what is wrong. Of course, sometimes the wrong seems to be good, but behind it is a lie.

If we take time, during this pandemic, to reflect on what’s happening right now, we will start to get some clues about the meaning of the universe. We human beings don’t have the control we thought we had, over almost anything. We consider ourselves self-sufficient, self-dependent; we become self-focused, and sometimes we actually fall into self-adoration, making idols of ourselves.

God's creation still at work during the coronavirusThere’s still a Creator in control, the sun still rises and sets, rain comes and goes in cycles, rivers flow, plants grow, transforming minerals in the soil into organic compounds for our nutrition, birds sing and feed their babies, day and night continue as the ongoing rotation of the earth is still on track, and the work force between the moon and the sun keeps the water in the oceans balanced, and so on. These are just some of the basic matters most of us know and understand as they happen every day that we sometimes forget about them and that they are yet managed and kept.

What about the unseen, unknown matters of science still being researched, whether on our planet or in other parts of this galaxy? All of them still managed and kept before we come to discover and know them.

The Coronavirus reminds us that creation laws matter!

We are living in an era with a tremendous amount of research and incredible cumulative works conducted by scientists to understand some of the natural and common matters affecting our daily lives. All the discoveries made are not there for the sake of science or nature itself, which would be silly from a logical perspective, but they are made to answer some of the big questions of life, that some call them philosophical questions, some others call them questions of existence.

Honest reflection on the creation can help us in two ways.

First, it can help us live well on this earth, if we look for the truth with an open mind and softened heart. We may need to go back to an earlier time when we first wandered from truth, to analyze what led us to take a wrong turn. More and more, in our societies, people  are ignoring or refusing to live according to God’s moral law. No matter how distant  our societies can be geographically and culturally, they are becoming closer with social media platforms. These platforms are circulating  “news”  some false, some true.  They are also publishing ideas, stories, lives, beauty, ugliness, goodness, badness, truth, lies and all sorts of things that require discernment for what to take and what to not take.

How did we get here?

the coronavirus is a time to reflect on what's importantOur societies have changed drastically. Why have these changes come about? How did they happen, and when? What real and true moral framework established in the unseen world do we need?  What implications will they have on our communities? Which of the existing worldviews must humanity embrace for our society to flourish?  How are these fast and drastic changes linked with the rupture of the relationship between the Creator and his creation?

That leads me to the second way honest reflection can help us. As we learn to see and understand the creation, we will be inspired to re-question ourselves, to seek the truth and have a more complete knowledge of its creator.

Whether or not we believe in the existence and governance of the Creator of this Universe who is still in control of all things, let’s take some quiet time, while the Coronavirus has quieted so much noise, and use this opportunity to reflect!

  • Ayoub Kdimy

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Ayoub Kdimy is a training specialist, and the founder and former CEO of Wellspring Morocco, an affiliate of an international company offering leadership and character-building services, focusing on soft skills to help people grow at their best and develop future leaders. Currently based in Morocco pursuing a PhD in biology and phytochemistry, he is still training and teaching individuals as well as large groups using his expertise in experiential learning and training curricula. Following his passions, besides research and science, he is a devoted musician and composer. He enjoys playing football, running and swimming as well as reading and writing treatises on philosophical and worldview topics.


  1. Jonas

    April 14, 2020 - 5:46 am

    Beautiful article, reflecting on what’s important and on the unseen is one of the keys to inner reconciliation… thank you Ayoub for this beautiful arricle

  2. Ayoub

    April 15, 2020 - 3:19 pm

    Jonas, your comment and Feedback are much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Laury G. de Ramos

    April 15, 2020 - 6:01 pm

    I really blessed with the phrase What about something too Big to see By the same eyes like Infinit!

    During this time I AM just thinking in psalm 24:1 the Lord is the Owner of EVERYTHING!! MEDITATE IN his Creation and How He holds that makes My heart with peace. That kind of peace just The Grace of Christ can give to his children!

    Could You give US an Spanish translation?

    Regards From Central America. PANAMA

    • admin

      April 16, 2020 - 2:29 pm

      Hi, Laury. We’re happy you benefitted from the post. And, thanks for the suggestion to offer it in Spanish.Please stand by. Our Spanish-language team is on it and we hope to post it next week at DarrowMilleryAmigos.com.