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Say No to the New Racist Math

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The new math, deriving from Critical Race Theory, is no idle matter, but an insidious attempt that will impair children and destroy nations. It’s time to say no.

To deny reason and reality is nonsense. Stanford University Economist and Social Theorist Thomas Sowell speaks very clearly.Sowell says say no to racism

Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.

Neo-paganism conceives a universe without order, unintelligible, undiscoverable. In this conception, there is no absolute God; if there are multiple gods they are capricious. This ideology affords no place for order, objectivity or thinking of the future. It dismisses planning, organizing, reason, math, science, discovery, exploration, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

People are beginning to fight back against this idiocy. In addition to Sergiu Klainerman challenging Equitable Math and the Critical Race Theory that underpins it, parents and teachers are courageously pushing back.

One is Paul Ross, math teacher at Grace Church High School in Manhattan. If you are interested in the future of your children and your nation, I encourage you to read his article, “I Refused to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated.”

An example of parental pushback is found in a letter to Dalton school in New York City from parents. It stated in part:

We have confused a progressive pedagogical model with progressive politics …. Even for people who are sympathetic to that political viewpoint, the role of a school is not to indoctrinate politically. It’s to open the minds of children to the wonders of the world and learning. The Dalton we love, that has changed our lives, is nowhere to be found. And that is a huge loss.

Stand up and say no!

Another parent letter has gone viral. Andrew Gutmann withdrew his daughter from the Brearley school in New York and wrote the other parents explaining why and calling them to stand against Critical Race Theory and its agenda. Gutmann was given attention on the national news. His letter ends with these words:

But speak up you must. There is strength in numbers and I assure you, the numbers are there. Contact the administration and the Board of Trustees and demand an end to the destructive and anti-intellectual claptrap known as antiracism. And if changes are not forthcoming then demand new leadership. For the sake of our community, our city, our country and most of all, our children, silence is no longer an option.

time to say no to the new mathIt is time to stand up and say no! We will no longer tolerate schooling that teaches such nonsense as Equitable Math, Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex Education. These are not education but indoctrination! They are not uplifting kids, but harming them and jeopardizing the future of our free society.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of our community and nation, find a way to push back, to say no.

  • Help start Christian schools and charter schools.
  • Write the newspapers, the school boards, the principals.
  • Organize teachers who share these concerns to declare, We will not teach this nonsense.
  • Post warnings on social media sites and advance an agenda for education that will provide opportunities for all children to learn real math.
  • Pull your children out of the public school system and find an alternative form of education where they learn to think for themselves, ask questions, think critically and creatively.

If you lack courage, read the above articles from people who are speaking out.

  • Darrow Miller

One more suggestion: Read a newly released book written by Darrow and a group of concerned educators, Don’t Let Schooling Stand in the Way of Education: A Biblical Response to the Crisis in Public Education Paperback

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