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CRT in the School: A Simple Purge Won’t Fix It

Everyday, behaviors and customs that seem normal in a given culture are rooted in belief systems. When these behaviors are harmful, much effort may be spent to eradicate the behavior without addressing what is driving that behavior.

Abortion, for example, considered normal by many people in the West, is the natural legacy of the predominant belief system–read religion–of evolutionism. Should we resist the evil practice of abortion? Should laws seek to regulate abortion? Yes. But killing babies is the fruit of a tree that must be attacked at the roots.

Robert Busek is a Catholic homeschooling father of six. He has taught history and Western Civilization in both traditional and online classrooms for almost 20 years. In a recent article at The Federalist, Professor Busek applauds the growing resistance to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the public school, but notes how pointless it is to defeat CRT by reforming the system.

CRT didn't start in the public school classroomThe ultimate goal for CRT advocates is to tear down the so-called “racist” foundations of American society and replace them completely. Sadly, I think the same needs to happen to our current public educational system.

The only way to slay this particular dragon is to starve it by refusing it access to its favorite food: our children. Without students to indoctrinate (and the money that comes with them), public school districts might be forced to reconsider not only their devotion to CRT, but other aspects of their opposition to actual learning as well.

This link between a practice and its worldview-level foundation, and the futility of an effort to reform the practice without changing its foundation, is one of our most frequent subjects at Darrow Miller and Friends. Kudos to Professor Busek for his clear call to action.

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