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Jose L. Gonzalez is Founder and President of Semilla, Inc. He acquired extensive experience in social activism in his native Uruguay, England, France and the U.S. After attending Catholic Seminary as a youth, he studied in France and Mexico, earning a B.A. in Community Development from Rutgers University (1973) and a Masters in Public Policy from Regent University (1985). For several years he taught classes in Latin American Political Culture at Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, and has given conferences and taught at various universities in Latin America and the US. He serves as an elder at James River Community Church in Suffolk, Virginia. He is married to Diana Gonzalez, with whom he has four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

The Roots of Latin American Underdevelopment

Latin America is the fruit of an ethnic, spiritual and cultural amalgam, the greatest “mestizo”, “syncretistic” cultural experiment in the world, resulting in a truly “bridge people.” Originally we were a mixture of Spanish, Indian and African cultures, creatively blended and adapted to the local circumstances. Soon, however, traditional Iberian

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