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ISIS and Nero: Persecution of Christians

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “theology of suffering” Persecution of Christians Reaching Unprecedented Levels Jesus Was a Refugee, Too ISIS and Nero: Persecution of Christians Pagan Persecution of Christians: In Peter’s Day and Ours ISIS, throughout their so-called caliphate, is crucifying, butchering, and setting fire to

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Dangerous Christians Needed

“There seems to be something lacking in our churches these days. We have done a great job producing nice Christians, rather than dangerous Christians full of courage, ready to take risks.” These are the words of my friend Tish Shelton in her fight for the dignity of women in Australia.

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Leaders of Muslims Condemn ISIS Tactics

The world has witnessed Muslims celebrating Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center and other Western sites. Muslims have remained silent while Christians in Islamic countries have been slaughtered. They have protested as Israel defended herself against Hamas attacks. They have quietly accepted Muslim-on-Muslim violence: since 1948, ten million Muslims

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