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Image by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC 4.0 Former General Attorney Bill Barr recently gave a devastating analysis of public-school education in America, coupled with a radical solution; families with school-age children would do well to heed his counsel. More on that below. But Barr was not the first to publicly

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What the Jews Can Teach us About the MORAL UNIVERSE

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “the Jews and the world” What the Jews Can Teach us About the MORAL UNIVERSE Why Does the World HATE THE JEWS? Three questions interweave in ways that may not be immediately evident: they all relate to the moral universe. Why

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How the Covenant-Making God Broke the Cycle of Poverty

Genesis chapter 3 records the rebellion and consequent fall of humans. The creation fell under a curse, and a vicious cycle of human poverty began. People worshiped gods of their own imagination, small family gods, tribal gods, capricious gods of nature with limited power. These gods were unpredictable, they ruled

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Envy, Emulation and Racism

This is post 9 of 10 in the series “Black Lives Matter” Racism and Black Lives Matter: Worldview Reflections The Human Race, Antidote to Racism! Two Forms of Racism Postmodern Racism: Ideological Social Justice What is “Whiteness”? Racism Is in the Human Heart Three Important Distinctions Regarding Racism Hope in

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