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Misguided “Compassion”: Law Will Create Maternal Orphans

A recent post at Breakpoint— From Obergefell to Surrogacy —struck me for how powerfully it points to a lamentable change in our culture and laws, a change motivated by “compassion.” In this case, compassion towards infertile couples. Who of us can argue against being compassionate to a couple who wants to have and care

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Humans Reject the Truth

This is post 1 of 10 in the series “Romans 1” Darrow examines Paul’s text in Romans 1 as it relates to contemporary society Humans Reject the Truth God Put the Invisible in Plain Sight Moral Creator, Moral Creation: Why Atheists Deny God To Reject God is to Dismiss Your

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Say No! to Injustice

Injustice matters to God. We have written before on the importance of civil disobedience in the Christian’s arsenal for engaging in cultures of corruption and injustice. –          Civil Disobedience: When Law-abiding Citizens Should Break the Law –          The Rule of Law in America: Is it time for civil disobedience? –         

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