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A Toxic New Religion Assaulting Western Civilization

This is post 10 of 12 in the series “toxic new religion” Richard Weaver famously said, “Ideas have consequences.” They also have antecedents. In this post, we’ll look at the genesis of the ideas behind the toxic new religion (TNR hereafter) which is assaulting Western civilization. Who were its prophets,

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Creation Clarity Leaves No Excuses

Creation speaks with clarity We have written in this space before about how the postmodern generation is living in make believe. Young people are increasingly denying reality and creating false stories, building an illusionary framework to explain their lives, their meaning, their sexuality. What is needed today is factual and

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Intersectionality, the New Tribalism

My good friend and colleague Scott Allen has been doing some very deep reflection and writing on an important subject: the growing concept of intersectionality. In the USA and elsewhere, more and more we are seeing the influence of cultural Marxism. We are dividing people into aggrieved groups—blacks, LGBT, Hispanics,

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The Roots of Latin American Underdevelopment

Latin America is the fruit of an ethnic, spiritual and cultural amalgam, the greatest “mestizo”, “syncretistic” cultural experiment in the world, resulting in a truly “bridge people.” Originally we were a mixture of Spanish, Indian and African cultures, creatively blended and adapted to the local circumstances. Soon, however, traditional Iberian

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The Call of the Balladeers

Balladeers shape culture We are witnessing the slow death of Western civilization and indeed whole nations in Europe and North America. Cultural Marxists and their moral and cultural relativist followers celebrate this deconstruction of Western culture and society. Others mourn the loss of the order that made the glory of Western civilization

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