New YouTube Videos about Obama, History, & Christianity

Check out in light of Obama’s upcoming inauguration.  Should he swear in on the Bible?  Plus, other interesting thoughts about race, change, merit, and politics.  We think a lot of Vishal’s work, reflections and important cultural insights.

-Tim C. Williams

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3 Responses to New YouTube Videos about Obama, History, & Christianity

  1. Thanks for the videos, Tim.
    I’ve subscribed to Vishal’s Youtube channel and will surely watch them all.


  2. StanH says:

    Thanks for sharing these videos with everyone. It’s encouraging hearing the truth presented so clearly by Vishal.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Fernando and Stan! I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about these videos! Vishal does a great job of pointing to the family tree of ideas that have brought us to this point in history!


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