Global Hunger: Moving in the Right Direction

On the subject of hunger Jesus said something that he said about few examples of human extremity:  I was hungry and you gave me food, (Mat 25:35 ESV). When we feed the hungry, we feed Him.

That truth adds significance to some recent good news about world hunger. A group called the International Food Policy Research Institute has been tracking global hunger trends, and their data indicates a steady downward trend.

For example, in 1990, hunger in the world looked like this:

hunger 1990


The 2013 index report shows considerable improvement. Note, for example, that only three nations in the world–Eritrea, Burundi, and Comoros–remain in the “Extremely alarming” category now. China, South Asia and Southeast Asia have also made strong progress.

hunger 2013


Of course too many people still live in hunger, and statistics by nature can disguise much need. Nevertheless, this is a good-news story worth telling. Go here to read further. 

– Gary Brumbelow

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3 Responses to Global Hunger: Moving in the Right Direction

  1. Erika says:

    Let us remember, we are most dearest to him. I wonder why these countries were chosen? and I would like to see a full world view of today’s situation.

  2. Jon D. says:

    Good News!

    I look forward to an even better report in 2030!

    I wonder how much of the improvement is related to free-er markets.

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