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Another Story of Christianity Blessing China

Given the reality of Christianity blessing China, the country’s leaders would do well to give greater freedoms to their Christian churches. A recent study indicates that such freedoms would benefit the country as a whole, in real economic terms. Loosening the … Continue reading

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What is Poverty, Really?

“A lack of money.” That’s probably how most people would define poverty. But those who actually live in poverty may be more qualified to answer. If so, what might they say? A few years ago, someone from HOPE International interviewed … Continue reading

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Who Wins the Battle of Ideas Wins the War

We’ve written recently about the importance of recognizing that the battle with militant Islam is a battle of ideas. James Glassman was under secretary of state for Public Diplomacy under President George W. Bush. He was recently referenced by Helle C. … Continue reading

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The War Against ISIS is a Religious War

“In the War on Terrorism, We Must Win the War of Ideas.” Helle C. Dale, senior fellow in public diplomacy at the Heritage Foundation, says it all in the title of her recent post at The Daily Signal. Why is … Continue reading

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Every Conflict is Rooted in a War of Ideas

Our colleague Dwight Vogt recently pointed us to an article at The Daily Signal by Helle Dale, “In the War on Terrorism, We Must Win the War of Ideas.” Asked recently by CNN what the United States needs most to … Continue reading

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What Wisdom Has to Do with Wealth

We wrote recently about the implications of wisdom in human life as an attribute from the creation. Wisdom is the framework for humans to flourish as God intended. It’s not hard to see wisdom vs. folly played out in simple economics. … Continue reading

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Eric Metaxas Asserts that Science Makes the Case for God

It’s mere exaggeration, not hyperbole, to note that, these days, one can measure in hours the time lag between affirmations of Darwinism by public figures. Especially distressing is watching Christ followers line up at the “of course evolution is true” … Continue reading

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“Emancipating the World” Featured (Again) at WORLD Magazine

Last October, our friend Marvin Olasky, editor at WORLD, published chapter 3 of Darrow’s book, Emancipating the World: A Christian Response to Fundamentalist Atheism and Radical Islam. Now Marvin has returned to the book, publishing chapter 7 with his post, Opening the door … Continue reading

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Imitating the First Artist: The Place of Beauty and Creativity in God’s Design

We are happy to reproduce here, by permission, the following excellent post from Reconciled World. Creator & Creation – The Place of Beauty & Creativity in God’s Design Have you ever walked into a movie late? What was that experience … Continue reading

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Divine Conception, Human Birth: What Pregnancy Teaches Us About God, part 2

The Christmas season–the celebration of Christ’s birth–gives us opportunity to think about human pregnancy and how it pictures something truly magnificent about God. For example, God gave birth to the nation of Israel. The Song of Moses is  the composition that marks the … Continue reading

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