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LifeWork Arrival and MondayChurch.org Official Launch!

Finally, Darrow Miller’s new book is available for purchase and immediate shipment! Through August 31st, you have the opportunity to buy this book at a deep discount of $8.95. Anyone who desires the Church’s deeper impact in all areas of society should own, study, and share this book. In addition

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What Did Jesus Say?

How does it apply to me? Surely it applies to me differently than his original audience. Or does it? I am always deeply impressed when I read an article about or meet a person who takes the words of Christ literally. So often in our attempts to live wisely and

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Historic Vision Conference in Togo

This just in from DNA Trainer Chris Ampadu in West Africa: Last week’s visit to Lome, Togo for a Vision Casting amongst denominational leaders was phenomenal. Samaritan Strategy Africa has been working in Togo for the past five years but it has been very difficult to bring all the churches

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