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More Reception Among Muslims

We recently received a very encouraging report from a Vision Conference conducted in the Middle East.  The trainer shares that the time was very stressful: most of the leaders were semi-literate and the presentations had to be interpreted into two local languages. Nevertheless, by God’s grace, the message was communicated and various seed projects were planned with a promise to complete them! Following the conference, the trainer shared about his departure ceremony:

A very elaborate departure ceremony was held for me as l was dressed fully as a local; and a presentation by the women to my wife. The highlight of the ceremony was when a mosque preacher who unknowingly was part of the participants walked forwards and said, “Having listened to the wholistic message of loving your neighbor as oneself, including your enemies and the rest of the transformational message, l hereby openly declare my departure from the Islamic faith and identify myself with the family of Jesus Christ.” Intercession was made for him by the participants. Other testimonies that came from the participants and the women in particular really encouraged me that time spent with these wonderful brethren was indeed a great blessing.

Please continue to pray for this area!

Additionally, we heard this encouraging report from West Africa:

Our semester teaching at a local college ended with lots of excitement. It is one of the best classes l have taught since l started teaching in the business college for the past 3 years. The students took special excitement and interest in the class since it was considered not only as a worldview class but a lifeview class and issues of life were critically examined as it relates to our African traditional worldview and biblical wholism. The last session was Lifework and students were put in accredited groups of accounting, business, management, finance and banking, management and human relations. They were overwhelmed to know that the Bible speaks very clearly about their courses and how they ought to practice their vocations as children of God. After the group discussions, each group reported on their work and it was revealing how they enumerated how in their vocations, one should not be fraudulent, not deceitful, steal, greedy, corrupt since the God we serve cannot be bribed. Rather, they realized that one has to work hard, be transparent, delegate work to competent people and be content with what we have and many others. At the end of the week, a Moslem student went to Church on Sunday and accepted Christ as his Lord and reported to the dean of students of his decision because of the revelation and insights from the course. He immediately called his parents and also informed them of his new decision. The dean of students called and inform me. Praise the Lord!

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