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Take the High Road

I can remember times when I was confronted by injustice, my father would challenge me by saying, “Take the high road.” I knew what he was saying. Interestingly, I think that is exactly what Jesus was saying when he spoke about a narrow road that leads to life, but wide

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Historic Vision Conference in Togo

This just in from DNA Trainer Chris Ampadu in West Africa: Last week’s visit to Lome, Togo for a Vision Casting amongst denominational leaders was phenomenal. Samaritan Strategy Africa has been working in Togo for the past five years but it has been very difficult to bring all the churches

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A Call for Evangelicals to Return to Wholistic Ministry: Seeking the Transformation of Both Hearts and Societies

Recently a new friend, Pastor Wayne Wager of Illini Life Christian Fellowship at the University of Illinois, Champaign, sent me a paper he had written entitled The Buses Will Wait: The Emergence and Rise of Neo-Evangelicalism (1940-1970).  His paper explores the history of evangelicals with a focus on the Neo-Evangelical

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