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Freedom to Choose Hell, part 2

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Free to choose hell” Hell exists because of human freedom. Both human freedom and human responsibility are major themes of Scripture. We see this in two trees, one in each testament. The Old Testament speaks of the tree in the midst

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Freedom to Choose Hell

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Free to choose hell” Recently I heard Eric Metaxas interview Dr. John C. Rankin about his latest book, provocatively titled The Freedom to Choose Hell. I was reminded of something C.S. Lewis writes in The Great Divorce: “There are only two kinds

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Creation Clarity Leaves No Excuses

Creation speaks with clarity We have written in this space before about how the postmodern generation is living in make believe. Young people are increasingly denying reality and creating false stories, building an illusionary framework to explain their lives, their meaning, their sexuality. What is needed today is factual and

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