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A Prophet for Our Generation?

I have often said that the man who mentored me, Francis Schaeffer, was a prophet in our generation. Fifty years ago, he spoke very clearly about where we were as a church and as a culture. He correctly predicted the future. Schaeffer was not a prophet in the sense of

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A Tribute to Francis Schaeffer on the 30th Anniversary of His Death

A friend of mine recently reminded me that Francis Schaeffer died 30 years ago this month. As one of many people who were powerfully influenced by this remarkable man, I want to give a brief tribute to Dr. Schaeffer. In the late 60’s and early 70’s Marilyn and I had the

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The Gospel of Beauty, the Beauty of the Gospel

The folks over at The Gospel Coalition recently blogged about an individual whose legacy has had a big impact in Discipling Nations Alliance: Francis Schaeffer. Darrow Miller spent time at L’Abri and cites Schaeffer’s mentoring as one of the primary influences in his life. Readers who are new to Schaeffer’s thought

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Obama’s Blinding Style, Part 4

As we continue our discussion of  style and substance in relationship to the Obama presidency, we need to realize that the sentiments and votes of the Christian community were split during the election. Many Christians voted for him and celebrated his election because of his winsome style and his call

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Obama’s Blinding Style, Part 1

The imagination of the world has been captured by the campaign and presidency of Barack Obama. I must confess that I was taken by his speaking ability, his seeming charismatic leadership, and  his ability to organize a brilliant campaign to first gain the Democratic party’s nomination and then win the

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