Darrow Miller and Friends

The Gospel of Beauty, the Beauty of the Gospel

The folks over at The Gospel Coalition recently blogged about an individual whose legacy has had a big impact in Discipling Nations Alliance: Francis Schaeffer.

Darrow Miller spent time at L’Abri and cites Schaeffer’s mentoring as one of the primary influences in his life.

Readers who are new to Schaeffer’s thought will have their appetite whetted by this intriguing post by Dane Ortlund. Working from Schaeffer’s book, True Spirituality, Ortlund develops a line of reasoning that declares: 1) Right doctrine matters, 2) Right doctrine exists not ultimately for correct thinking but for beautiful living, 3) The crucial doctrine that fuels beautiful living is the gospel.

Those already familiar with Schaeffer will enjoy Ortlund’s refresher no less.

Go here to read the entire post.

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