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The 2012 Election: What Does it Mean for America?

I cannot think about the 2012 election in America without recalling words originally penned in French: Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite. So wrote Joseph de Maistre in 1811. Maistre was a philosopher, writer, lawyer, and diplomat who lived in Savoy (modern day southern France). His words–more familiar to Americans in English, of

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The Moral Poverty of the West: Its Cause, Effects, and Solution

Who is not stunned by today’s news stories of violence? On July 22 Anders Behring Breivik murdered 91 fellow Norwegians. Just two weeks later we witnessed the August riots in England. Riots tore apart France in the fall of 2005. “Flash mobs,” organized by social media, are bringing mayhem to

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Wayne Grudem on Christians and Government

What’s a biblical view of government? What’s an appropriate role for Christians in politics? For a very helpful and concise primer, check out the four-minute video below by Wayne Grudem, a friend of DNA. Speaking about his recent book, Politics According to the Bible, Dr. Grudem exposes five wrong views

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