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Womb of the Dawn – A Morning Reflection

In my morning devotions recently I came across a beautiful phrase, the “womb of the dawn.” There is something beautiful and clarion about these words. If I were a poet, which I am not, I would write a poem with this as the title. The phrase is found in a

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Darrow Miller’s Trip to Indonesia

I taught three times (The Transforming Story, The Power of Story, and Reviving the Reformation) during my visit to one of the leading seminaries in Indonesia. Several of the young folks (under 30) came up to thank me for giving them hope for their lives, for the church, for Indonesia

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The Rise, Reduction, and Recovery of Kingdom Mission (Part 2 of 2)

Winter reminds us that “the First Era” of Protestant missions (from 1800 to 1910) was “Kingdom Mission” focused, as the wonderful first chapter of The Legacy of William Carey by Ruth and Vishal Mangalwadi so powerfully illustrates. The “Second Era” (from 1865 to 1980) “introduced a distinct polarization between those concerned

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The Rise, Reduction, and Recovery of Kingdom Mission (Part 1 of 2)

During my senior year of college I sensed God’s call to work with the poor. I attended the Urbana missions conference that year (1987), and while there applied (and was later accepted) to serve overseas with Food for the Hungry. Sometime during the spring of 1988, I met with the

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Mongolians Turning to Christ

After discovering that a secular utopia could not exist beneath the guise of communism, Mongolians are turning to the Christian faith and rediscovering a culture of Hope. Check it out. -Tim C. Williams  

Obama’s Blinding Style, Part 3

We have said that there are two moral and metaphysical visions for the United States. We are no longer “one nation under God,” but two nations. One nation is  grounded in Judeo-Christian theism and the other founded in an Atheistic-Materialistic vision. These two nations occupy one geographic land. Some people

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Obama’s Blinding Style, Part 2

In the modern US political context, the nation is at a tipping point. The old Judeo-Christian foundations of the nation are being eroded. They have been replaced with an Atheistic-Materialistic paradigm. The United States is no longer “one nation under God.” The United States is one geography being shared by

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Obama’s Blinding Style, Part 1

The imagination of the world has been captured by the campaign and presidency of Barack Obama. I must confess that I was taken by his speaking ability, his seeming charismatic leadership, and  his ability to organize a brilliant campaign to first gain the Democratic party’s nomination and then win the

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