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DNA Materials Mysteriously Appear in Kabul

A friend of mine recently returned from Afghanistan where he worked as a consultant for a major relief and development organization. While spending the night at a Christian guest house in Kabul, he saw sitting on a coffee table, a lesson from the Disciple Nations Alliance “Worldview and Development” curriculum that had been translated into Arabic. He made a copy and brought it back to me.

Worldview & Development in Arabic
Worldview & Development in Arabic

From time to time, we hear reports of people finding translated DNA materials in the most unlikely of places–and we have no idea who translated them or how they got there. We are always encouraged by these serendipitous reports.

God has a way of getting the ideas and messages into the hands of people who need them, often without us knowing anything about it.

Part of this is by design. One of our Operational Principles is “Getting Ideas Out as Widely as Possible.” It reads:

We are seeking to spread a set of ideas into churches, Bible schools, seminaries, mission/church-planting organizations, discipleship movements, and relief and development organizations… Since we want to widely distribute these ideas, we hold them—and the materials in which they are conveyed—very loosely. Those who join with us need to share this conviction: they are responsible to distribute and disseminate materials and ideas, but should not control, own, or franchise Disciple Nations Alliance materials or messages for their respective organizations.

This principle continues to enable DNA materials to find their way into the hands of Christians in places like Kabul, Afghanistan, and for that, we praise God.

-Scott Allen

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Scott Allen serves as president of the DNA secretariat office. After serving with Food for the Hungry for 19 years in both the United States and Japan, working in the areas of human resources, staff training and program management, he teamed up with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt to launch the DNA in 2008. Scott is the author of Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: A Call to Wholistic Life and Ministry and co-author of several books including, As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation: Principles and Practices for Building Healthy Families. His most recent book is Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice. Scott lives with his wife, Kim, in Bend, OR. They have five children.


  1. Alice Brewster

    October 29, 2009 - 7:38 pm

    I’m using “World View and the Kingdom of God” with a group of ladies in Penang, Malaysia (non-Muslim only). The group has been doing Bible study for a number of years but this is the first time doing such a topical study and it is really opening their eyes. I am the only Westerner among, Malaysian Chinese, Indian, two Koreans. You can imagine the discussion that the topic generates.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Tom Steffen

    February 18, 2010 - 7:47 pm

    A picture can be worth a thousand words. A well done picture requires far less than the full 1000 to be translated. As the guy who did those old black and white overheads I am thrilled every time I see something like this turn up. Thanks for sharing Scott!