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The Freedom of Truth, The Slavery of Lies

Dr. Bernard Nathanson was an abortionist who later became a pro-life champion. His recent death comprises an opportunity to reflect on the contrast between self-authenticating truth vs. lies that enslave and impoverish.

Dr. Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence  at Princeton University, a Senior Fellow at  The Witherspoon Institute, and a co-author (with Dr. Chuck Colson) of The Manhattan Declaration, wrote this moving tribute at the death of Dr. Nathanson.

For many years, Dr. Nathanson was one of the leaders of the Culture of Death. A medical doctor, Nathanson became one of the leading  abortionists  in the United States, presiding over an estimated 60,000 abortions.

Then he was faced with the  truth of the humanity of unborn babies he was aborting. Following that confrontation, he embraced The Culture of Life  and became one of the leading pro-life proponents in the country. It was truth that ultimately lead Nathanson to profess Christ.

Read Robert George’s brief sketch of  the ability of truth to transform a human life.

In an age of cultural relativism, may we not shy away from both perusing and proclaiming the Truth (with a capital “T”). Indeed it is the Truth that sets individuals and cultures free.

– Darrow Miller

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