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Two Fronts in the War of the Century

This is post 18 of 18 in the series “classics” Not Every Story is Based in Reality How Homosexuality Became Normal in the West How Evolutionists Explain Poverty Lies Enslave, Truth Transforms Human Evil, Cosmic Consequences NURTURING: The Wonder of Being There Personal God, Personal Creation The Implications of Moral

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Courageous Truth: A Current Example

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Courageous truth” Three Stories of Courageous Truth Three Stories of Courageous Truth, part 2 Courageous Truth: A Current Example Kimberly Brancato and her sons In January 2017, I accepted a temporary job teaching Language Arts to eighth graders at Highland Park

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A Voice from Hungary: Toward a Moral Nationalism … (special offer at the end of this post)

National Parliament Building of Hungary In our time, globalization as a philosophy is rapidly expanding. It is marked by moral and cultural relativism, groupthink, and the rise of the algorithm, that 21st century phenomenon which is eroding our ability to think. The individual is being subsumed into the universal. Nations

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