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Calling Christian Artists to Reach a World Desperate for Beauty

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Christian artists today have a terrible conflict understanding the purpose of their gift. If their work does not talk about Jesus directly, does it still have value? Can they work on productions with non-Christians? When some see a magnificent building, painting, play or hear a wonderful performance, they are tempted to ask, “Was it produced, created and performed by Christians?” as though that would validate the beauty. But beauty, in and of itself, is an attribute of God. Putting a Jesus sticker on it does not make it more beautiful. Preaching may be beautiful, but beauty does not necessarily preach an additional message. We may have art and beauty in the church, but art does not have to relate directly to ecclesiastical expression in order to reveal God. …

There are no tribes, nations, or cultures without art, music, and sport. Beauty, song, and celebration are all pre-human. They were expressed in God before we existed and they still reveal Him. We don’t have to justify the love of sport or art by turning it into an opportunity to talk to the person next to us in the stands about God. We may or may not find that appropriate. It’s okay to enjoy talent and God-given gifting for their innate value. It is worship of the Creator, the gift-giver and a celebration of who He is!

The world is desperate for beauty. We are so often surrounded by the mundane, thoughtless, chaotic, and ugly. One of the things I love about living in Switzerland is the celebration of beauty in the form of flower boxes on the windows. No matter how humble the farmhouse, every spring color explodes in all the window boxes. This custom serves no practical purpose. These plants can’t be eaten. They are just pretty. There is such a need for this understanding of beauty in all of our lives and the life of our communities. Where is the beauty in your life? …

Whether you are gifted in body, ear or eye, your gift is a celebration of God and a part of the call of God on your life. We have been created by God to need and to celebrate beauty and joy. You are part of God’s answer to that world of need. Everything God has made, whether we look at it macroscopically or microscopically, is beautiful and it was all created with sound. So, whether you are celebrating the use of your gift in the work of the church to minister to Christians or to minister to the many who do not go to church, you are ministering Christ. Whether you work with other Christians or non-Christians you are His testimony through your life and skill. You don’t have to justify your gift by doing religious material or by kneeling in prayer when you do well, although you may do both. Your gift is justified because it is part of God’s nature and character in you. It is part of who He is and how He has made you and the gift itself reveals God. The world needs your gift and the celebration of beauty and joy it brings. Do not hold back! Let’s begin the new renaissance.

– Landa Cope

The above is excerpted from The World is Desperate for Beauty by DNA Idea Shaper Landa Cope. In 2005 Landa founded The Template Institute committed to providing seminars and materials for the development of Biblical thinking in the professions as well as a comprehensive Biblical approach to issues in the public forum.  She currently serves as the Founder and Executive Director of TTI. Her book, The Old Testament Template, is available for purchase at the DNA bookstore.

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  1. Christian Art

    November 14, 2011 - 4:24 am

    God has all good creatures.He gave His many different talents to everyone, especially the gift of art to some.A Christian art work! It gives your eyes a visual feast, a place to rest, a reminder that God is in control!