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PEOPLE, not Governments, Are Responsible for Social Justice

Recently I came across the following pithy quote from our friend, Udo Middelmann, of the Francis A Schaeffer Foundation. I share it here in view of our recent discussion on Social Justice:

Social Justice is not a euphemism for Socialism with its disregard for personal effort, nor coercion by a state to reach equality of outcome. Justice requires the pursuit of fairness towards people, situations and genuine possibilities. A social dimension lies in the fact that we are not alone and should bear each other’s burdens, whether they are educational, emotional, financial or spiritual/intellectual. Social justice addresses issues of human rights not by governmental attribution, but owned by nature of being people in the image of God, who intended a fuller life, greater knowledge and genuine responsibility for people.

If you are interested in the root causes of poverty, Udo’s book Christianity vs Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty is quite helpful. Udo is the President of The Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation.

To contact Udo write:

Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation
Chalet Les Montaux
CH – 1882 Gryon, Switzerland


–   Darrow Miller


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