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More About That American Dream

Last July we published The Nightmare on the Way to the American Dream about our good friend Lyd Pensado serving among the poor in Mexico City. We especially wanted to highlight Lyd’s efforts to the Central American women and children traveling through Mexico pursuing the American Dream.

Lyd recently filed an update which we excerpt here for our readers.


In December, we had the opportunity to start a movement of awareness about illegal immigration and the risks involved for Central American migrants. We talked to people and invited them to write a message for migrants who are awaiting their deportation. We also realized that in general, people do not know much about the situation in Mexico.

The challenge is not only to convince people not to go to America for the risks they face on the way; the real challenge is to help them see that the American dream is just that — a dream, and sadly, it is one that fractures and divides families, exposing them to human trafficking, extortion and exploitation.

The “Dreams” project seeks to prevent trafficking and other tragedies. We also want to support community development in the countries of Central America, especially Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

On December 18th, International Migrants Day, some of the Dreams project volunteers went to the streets and we were challenged to talk with people. It was a moment of great confrontation because sometimes we felt rejected by those who were not interested in the issue of immigration. That made us think about when migrants suffer rejection in our country; however, as a team this experience helped us increase our commitment to the “Dreams” project.

American Dream lures Central American immigrants into danger

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