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Unbridled Sexuality: A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, part 2

  1. Unbridled Sexuality A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, Right?
  2. Unbridled Sexuality: A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, part 2

Note: In part 1 explored the growth of pagan sexuality with the erosion of Judeo-Christian framework in the West.

With the seeping of neo-pagan ideas into the cultural mainstream, and the corresponding change in the law, sexual preferences became expansive. What began as LG grew to LGBT and has now expanded to LGBTQIAP:

L – Lesbian – A female-identified person who is attracted to another female-identified person.

G – Gay – A male-identified person who is attracted to another male-identified person.

B – Bisexual – A person who is attracted to both men and women.

T – Transgender – A person who is a member of a gender other than the expectation of their sexual anatomy or Transsexual – someone who has undergone surgery or hormone therapy to change their bodies from one sex to another or Transvestites: someone who dresses and acts like someone of the opposite sex

Q – Queer – A broad term used to identify people of various sexual preferences and habits or Questioning – people who are questioning their sexual identity.

I – Intersex – Someone whose physical anatomy cannot be categories as only male or female.

A – Asexual is a person who is not sexually attracted to anyone sexually or Ally – A person who does not self-identify as LGBTQIA but who supports people who do.

P – Pansexual – So called “gender blind” – are attracted to people of all sexual and gender identities

“Male and female he created them” has become passé. Now, gender is boundless. The pedophilia arises from the confusion of male and femalewebsite ReligiousTolerance.org gives a preview of what is to come. On the page titled, A glossary of sexual terms we see the endless nature of elastic sexuality. On the “Religious Tolerance” site we find this entry:

Scattered throughout the following three lists are terms that refer to adults or older adolescents having a sexual attraction towards young persons. The terms cover different age ranges for the young person:

         Infantophilia: infants and toddlers ages birth to 3 years-of-age.

         Pedophilia: child who has not reached puberty; typically under 13 years-of-age.

Hebephilia: child who is in the early years of puberty. Since children reach puberty at different ages, this may extend from 11 to 14 years-of-age.

Ephebophilia: post-pubertal teens who are minors, typically in the age range of 14 to 17 years.

Another word, coined by Clinical Psychologist Ray Blanchard, could be added to the list–“autogynephilia.”

In his “research” on human sexuality Blanchard has made a distinction between the transvestite male and the autogynephiliac. The former wants to align his sexuality with his “inner female identity” by becoming a female. The latter is a man who has had an erotic response to a seductive woman and wants to become like the seductive woman he was attracted to. His intent is not become just any woman, but the seductive woman.

This word is becoming introduced to the public because of Bruce Jenner. Of course Jenner was the college football player who became known as “the world’s greatest athlete” after winning the  gold medal in the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

Jenner dominated the field. He was a “man’s man.” Now wants to “become a woman.” But not just any woman; he wants to become the “woman’s woman,” the seductive woman he was attracted to as a male. Jenner, the ultimate male athlete, has become the poster child for Dr. Blanchard’s transsexual typology –  autogynephilia.

Preposterous? Yes, and also the logical conclusion to a way of thinking. When nothing is there to hold back the tide we should expect a flood. Is this the world you want to inhabit?

Recognizing homosexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation—and thus giving license to LG—was unthought-of 50 years ago. Promoting LGBTQIAP was not on the horizon 10 or 15 years ago. Today pedophilia is on the horizon. Are we ready for a world where infantophilia is practiced?

Ben Carson linked homosexuality and pedophiliaWhen Dr. Ben Carson linked LGBT to pedophilia and bestiality the reaction of the LGBT community and their allies in academia and the press was disingenuous at best, deceitful at worst. Many “marriage equality” advocates categorically deny any intention of opening the Pandora’s box of pedophilia and bestiality. They may be living off a memory of a moral universe with boundaries on our sexual practice. Others want to take society to the logical conclusion of their neo-pagan belief system, but are afraid to be transparent knowing that 99% of society would respond with hostility. It seems that the folks at Religious Tolerance.org are willing to come out of the closet and reveal the truth of their agenda.

World Magazine’s Andree Seu Peterson sees clearly where we are heading. She exposes the incongruity of the world we are entering, the absurdity of the growing acronym:

Then “B” came along, and they had to fairly sneak it in when no one was looking, because claiming that you have an orientation that goes both ways sounds a lot like saying you just like to fool around and you don’t care who with. … There is a huge gap between campaigning on a manifest biological imperative (early “G” and “L”) and the later ravenous clamor for the right to anything-goes (“B”).

License is the new name of the game! There is no end to what can happen. What if an adult has an attraction to a pre-pubescent child? Go for it! What about an adult that desires to have sex with an infant? Why not?

This is insanity. This is non-sense!

As the LGBT community keeps adding letters, they face a choice. Is our sexuality a matter of hardwiring (“I was born this way”) as they keep saying, or is it a social construction as the postmodern claim?

Let’s assume for a moment the second option, the postmodern argument: all human sexuality is a social construct. If so, that undermines the “I-was-born-this-way” argument, not only for the LGs but for all the added initials as well.

On the other hand, if we assume that homosexuality is genetic, where does that leave us with reference to the other multiple sexual expressions? If the gays and lesbians are born as such, are we to recognize the same about the BTs? Are bisexual and transgendered people born with their predispositions?

How about pedophiles? Or people interested in sex with infants? Or with animals? Are all these also born with their propensity? If not, why not? What basis would the “original” LGs have for denying the rest with their preference? And where would the line be drawn? What moral framework could anyone muster to draw that line?

Without a moral or metaphysical framework, the growth of “LGBTQIAP” is checked only by the limit of sinful imagination (or the 26-letter English alphabet). Consider the disastrous consequences of the combination of the postmodern use of language, the unending expansion of gender variations, and the heritage of pagan culture with its legacy of pedophilia, bestiality, and the like.

Do we really want to return to the degenerative world of paganism where any imaginable sexual practice is deemed legitimate?

Non-sense is non-sense! Enough is enough! This abandonment of science and reality needs to stop.

History is not over! Just as the Jews and Christians before us have reclaimed the gold standard for human sexuality and the natural family, so it is ours to do in our generation.

It is time to revolt!

First, we need to revolt against our own complacency and disengagement from society into the privacy of our own lives and the “relative” safely of our church buildings.

Second, we need to repent and cry out to God for forgiveness. With David we need to cry out: “Against you and you alone have I sinned …” (Psalm 51:4). God is waiting to heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Then, if this is not the world you want for your children and grandchildren, it’s time to challenge the post-modern culture. There is a place for everyone!

  • Some will help to speak and write to seek to reform the language and the culture.
  • Some will write songs and ballads for the movement to use their art form to restore the dignity of marriage, the family, the maternal, the beauty of human sexuality and the tying our sexual intimacy to family formation.
  • Some will preach sermons and teach on the glory of our purpose and design and the Biblical narrative on family and human sexuality.
  • Some will lead protests in the public square to draw public attention to the madness we are facing.
  • Some will draw lines in the sand and say, “No further. I am willing to pay the consequences for violating laws that legalize this non-sense and undermine our God given freedom of consciences and freedom of religion.” We have both joined a band of brave women and men who have taken such a pledge. Join us!
  • For many it will mean to take seriously the cultural mandate to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth” – to marry, form families, enjoy the God given gift of our human sexuality, and rejoice in the children who are the fruit of that intimacy.

What will you do?

– Darrow Miller with Gary Brumbelow



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Darrow is co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance and a featured author and teacher. For over 30 years, Darrow has been a popular conference speaker on topics that include Christianity and culture, apologetics, worldview, poverty, and the dignity of women. From 1981 to 2007 Darrow served with Food for the Hungry International (now FH association), and from 1994 as Vice President. Before joining FH, Darrow spent three years on staff at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland where he was discipled by Francis Schaeffer. He also served as a student pastor at Northern Arizona University and two years as a pastor of Sherman Street Fellowship in urban Denver, CO. In addition to earning his Master’s degree in Adult Education from Arizona State University, Darrow pursued graduate studies in philosophy, theology, Christian apologetics, biblical studies, and missions in the United States, Israel, and Switzerland. Darrow has authored numerous studies, articles, Bible studies and books, including Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Culture (YWAM Publishing, 1998), Nurturing the Nations: Reclaiming the Dignity of Women for Building Healthy Cultures (InterVarsity Press, 2008), LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day (YWAM, 2009), Rethinking Social Justice: Restoring Biblical Compassion (YWAM, 2015), and more. These resources along with links to free e-books, podcasts, online training programs and more can be found at Disciple Nations Alliance (https://disciplenations.org).

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  1. Clark

    June 11, 2015 - 10:47 am

    “Recognizing homosexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation—and thus giving license to LG—was unthought-of 50 years ago. Promoting LGBTQIAP was not on the horizon 10 or 15 years ago. Today pedophilia is on the horizon. Are we ready for a world where infantophilia is practiced?”

    This, to me, a really important part of this post. No, it was not on the horizon in the minds of most of us. But it was on the mind of those promoting it today. And the cultural rot which allowed us to get to this point had started a long time before it was even on their minds. The 60’s cultural/sexual revolution was the first outward sign of this rot that had started long before.