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Male and Female, God’s Design

Recently I was talking with two artist friends in Brazil about a current project to develop an animated video from my lecture, “The Transcendence of Sexuality.” (See the video The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female as Imago Dei, part of our Coram Deo online course.) During our conversation, one

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TERF movement pushing back against transgenderism Martina Navratilova, the world-class tennis player who identified as a lesbian in 1981, recently weighed in on the idea of transgender women competing in women’s sports. She called it “insane” and “cheating.” The LGBT sports group Athlete Ally retaliated by cutting ties with the

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What’s the Real Agenda of Trans Activists?

The current trans rights discussion is not about bathrooms; it’s about the destruction of the family and the overthrow of the transcendent moral order that has supported it. It dawned on me recently that President Obama’s legacy will not be in maintaining America’s security and well-being. Rather, he will be remembered for determining who

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Unbridled Sexuality A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “unbridled sexuality” Unbridled Sexuality A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, Right? Unbridled Sexuality: A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone, part 2 Where is the new sexuality heading? (Hint: What’s  the natural conclusion of postmodern ideology?) The postmodern world begins its ascent

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Is the Culture War All About Sex?

“The culture war isn’t really about culture, and it never has been. It’s about sex.” That’s Damon Linker’s provocative claim in his article, “What religious traditionalists can teach us about sex.” Linker’s statement caught my attention. My initial reaction was Yes! But on thinking further I thought No! And finally I decided, Yes

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