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What’s the Real Agenda of Trans Activists?

The current trans rights discussion is not about bathrooms; it’s about the destruction of the family and the overthrow of the transcendent moral order that has supported it.

It dawned on me recently that President Obama’s legacy will not be in maintaining America’s security and well-being. Rather, he will be remembered for determining who may use what bathroom. This will contribute to the breakdown of the family as it has been known throughout history.

The trans rights movement represents nothing less than an attempt to overthrow a transcendent moral order, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27 ESV).

trans activist WilchinsOne of the leaders of this attempted coup is transgender activist Riki Wilchins, founder of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, GenderPac, a non-profit organization focused on gender rights issues. Wilchins is not only a social change activist, but someone out to change cultural norms and destroy biological binary sexuality.

Wilchins correctly argues that most trans activists and their social conservative counterparts do not understand the real issue in the bathroom wars.

Wilchins writes in the gay publication, The Advocate, about something that happened during Obama’s recent visit to London. During that trip, he met someone named Maria Munir who told him that she was a “non-binary” person. Wilchin comments:

Gay and transgender rights advocates have been quietly dodging the issue of binary heteronormativity, but that sound you hear is the other shoe finally dropping… hard.

As to the first argument, there is no “appropriate” bathroom which legal advocates might fight for Maria to access, because the entire argument depends on fitting Maria into the dominant, hetero-binary structure of boy vs. girl. It’s a deeply ingrained societal dichotomy with which most of us who are profoundly genderqueer have had to struggle since birth.

Simply put, in Maria’s case, there is no underlying binary gender identification on which to base the claim. You have to instead critique the heterobinary structure itself.

What do trans activists really want?

Wilchins is suggesting that the bathroom wars are the tip of the iceberg. Few understand what lies under the surface: an overthrow of humanity.

Binary sexuality–female and male–is hard wired into human biology. It has been recognized by virtually all people from every culture for all time. Wilchins is promoting the overthrow of a fundamental dimension of what it means to be human.

trans activists want to destroy binary sexualityHer provocative title says it all: “We’ll Win the Bathroom Battle When the Binary Burns.” The goal of the transgender community is not simply to access the bathroom of their “gender identity” but to eliminate the whole concept of male-female sexuality entirely.

Trans activists are not simply asking for the freedom to think differently. Wilchins wants everyone else in society to affirm non-binary standards: “Ending our culture’s obsession with what’s ‘male’ and what’s ‘female’ will be our salvation.” They will attempt whatever it takes to achieve their goal, and they seem to have the full cooperation of the current White House.

Stella Morabito, senior contributor to The Federalist, summarizes it for LifeSite News:

What we are really talking about is the abolition of sex…And it is sex that the trans project is serving to abolish legally, under the guise of something called ‘the gender binary.’ Its endgame is a society in which everyone is legally de-sexed. No longer legally male or female. And once you basically redefine humanity as sexless you end up with a de-humanized society in which there can be no legal ‘mother’ or ‘father’ or ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ or ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ without permission from the State. Government documents are already erasing the terms. In such a society, the most intimate human relationships take a hit. The family ends up abolished.

Trans ideology is out to abolish human sexuality, the family, and ultimately society as it has always been known.

Let’s be clear: this is not about who can use which bathroom. This is something much more sinister. The root issue is the annihilation of binary categories of male and female, binary essentialism, heterosexuality. It is the overthrow of a moral universe and objective truth.

This is a battle between objective observations vs. a subjective declaration. Does my anatomy and genetic make-up establish my sexuality? Or does my imagination determine my “gender.” At its root, the issue is one of worldview.

The Judeo-Christian worldview acknowledges objective truth. God exists. There is a transcendent masculine and feminine that anchors our male and female distinctions. In contrast, the Pagan Animistic worldview says that everything is a social construction and it is past time to overthrow binary sexuality.

As we have written before, the LGBT community uses deceit and distortion to reach their goals. Masha Gessen, a lesbian journalist, candidly admitted recently that some in the “LGBT” community aim to eliminate the institution of marriage. She admits that this goal will require deception.

It’s a no-brainer that we should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.

That causes my brain some trouble. And part of why it causes me trouble is because fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

We can be thankful that LGBT advocates like Gessen and Wilchins are so confident of their position they are willing to speak honestly about their goals and tactics.

We need to learn to think beyond ‘the issue” to “The Issue” – the worldview root of the problem. Yes, we need to stand against the policy of gender-neutral restrooms and showers. But to really win the bathroom wars, we need to renew our worship of the living God and proclaim the glory of the reality He has made.

Let’s not be afraid to challenge political correctness and speak the truth. At the same time, let’s love our LGBT friends.

Yes, it’s possible to do both.

  • Darrow Miller


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  1. Jeff judson

    May 24, 2016 - 5:29 pm

    This is one of the most insightful pieces I have read on this subject. One of the problems we face is that the LGBT activists speak in terms of Rights, bias, discrimination, and Hate. No one wants to be these things and so people assume that to be loving, we must oppose these hateful agendas. We need help in choosing our own terms to use when we discuss these issues, terms that reflect our positive worldview rather than being against theirs. Can you help?

    • Jeff judson

      May 24, 2016 - 5:31 pm

      Some of the terms you use in your article are just a bit too technical for the average reader.

    • admin

      June 6, 2016 - 4:26 pm

      Hi Jeff

      You have rightly identified a couple of principles we need to apply. The first is we need to articulate the positive and beautiful agenda of Biblical faith. Second, we need to use our own terms and not buy into the terms used by secular society. To help with this it is good to think of biblical terms. For instance what does a woman carry in her womb? Is it a baby or a “product of conception?”

      Perhaps a third principle is that we need to be pro-active rather than reactive. We need to call people to a lovely vision, not simply be defensive against their agenda.

      • Jeff Judson

        June 6, 2016 - 8:02 pm

        I so totally agree. We need a very proactive positive agenda that is couched in the biblical language of love and creation. Force the enemy to fight us on our territory. But if we do not have an agenda other than to fight their agenda, we will steadily lose ground as we have every year since the 1960’s.

        • admin

          June 6, 2016 - 8:44 pm

          This is the proactive part of the kingdom agenda.