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Students Need to Know Why They Know What They Know

Students Need to Know Why They Know What They Know

Calvin taught his students that all work is God's workJohn Calvin.

The name evokes images of esoteric theological discussions in medieval European churches.

But did you know that Calvin helped his hometown (Geneva, Switzerland) smell better? And that wasn’t the casual result of some marginal avocation. No, Calvin regarded the olfactory to be the domain of the kingdom of God.

That’s one thing I learned from the video below, produced by our friend Christian Overman, director of Worldview Matters. If that little tease persuades you to click the play button, that’s good … because you need to discover what Dr. Overman has to say there. He’s rolling out a new online training opportunity for Christian school teachers.

Actually it’s bigger than that. The newly released Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project (WRAP) is a whole-school program. The material will equip teachers to enable their students to realize God’s purpose for them, to see the Why of learning, not just the What.

Christian wants to equip students for something grand

Christian asks, “How many of our students aspire to do God’s work as urban developers and homemakers?”

He wonders, “Imagine what would happen to a nation where citizens engaged in their work, whether artisan, or doctor, or geek, as the very work of God.”

He wants “to fully equip students to engage in something grand, beyond themselves, yet in the here and now, by engaging in work of all kinds (both present and future) as the very work of God.”

When students fail to put biology, art and math into the context of a biblical worldview, they will tend to become “Christian dualists,” seeing the Bible as relevant to their personal and private lives, or the affairs of the church, but not to business, law or civil service. Because of this view, many will leave their faith at the workplace door, as adults, and the world suffers.

Go here to read Christian’s original post.

Click below to download a full introduction to WRAP.


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