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The Invisible Pain of a Woman

  1. Less Gay, More Sorrow: Pain Ignored by the MSM
  2. The Invisible Pain of a Woman

Some pain is known only to a woman.

From part 1 …There are contexts in modern life where people suffer immense pain and yet are not permitted to talk about it because the society does not acknowledge that pain, does not allow space for such pain to exist. And often the press, which once existed to expose lies and injustice, does not address this pain because of political correctness. Society will not confront these issues because to do so would be to recognize both the nature of reality and moral absolutes.

But if society won’t confront them, Christ followers must. That’s what this two-part series seeks to do, i.e. expose a topic the press won’t touch—the pain caused by the sexual revolution.

In part 1 we examined the pain of gay “marriage,” the pain of transgenderism, and the pain of children raised by homosexual couples. This post will include the pain of post-abortion mothers, the horrid butchering of babies—preborn, being born, newly born—and of female genital mutilation.


The Pain of Abortion

Sex has been reduced from procreation to recreation, from the formation of families to the propagation of pleasure.

Perhaps the greatest and unspoken pain of an abortion is that felt by a 20-week gestation baby being poisoned or ripped apart in the womb.

Such atrocities can only happen because mothers and babies are objectified. Now, a woman is like a man. She can have sex 24/7 and not be pregnant. She becomes a sex object and her baby becomes a product of conception, a source of harvesting human body parts for profit.

As Lilian Calles Barger writes:

The widely practiced violence of abortion is not a sign of progress but a sign that women’s reproductive ability needs to be exterminated in order for society to go “forward.” In an environment hostile to women’s bodies and through abortion, women participate in a war against their own bodies, objectifying them.

every woman is a potential victim to abortionistsIn the last few years the exploits of abortionists like Dr. Kermit Gosnell, perhaps the greatest serial killer in American history, have been exposed. But the mainstream media has hardly reported the story because Gosnell was killing near-term and newborn babies. The media is largely a supporter of the pro-abortion movement which does not recognize preborn and newly born babies as human, or their murder as immoral.

Similarly, a series of undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, a practice illegal as well as immoral. Every pregnant woman represents a potential profit.

Another issue ignored by the media, one which should generate our compassion, is the reality of post-abortion trauma suffered by many women. LifeSite News reveals the pain that many post-abortion mothers feel.

Many women say that no one told them what to expect emotionally. In fact, a woman who has just had an abortion is often under enormous pressure – whether from her partner, her family and friends, or the abortion provider – to act as if nothing has happened, or even to express relief or happiness. In some cases, the woman may be trying to keep the abortion a secret, in which case the pressure can become extreme.

In fact, some psychologists have coined a term to describe common symptoms that they have found in many post-abortive women who have come to them for help. They call it Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Common symptoms of PAS include guilt, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, a desire to avoid children or pregnant women, and flashbacks to the abortion itself.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

only a woman suffers fgmFGM is a practice in many Muslim communities in North Africa and parts of the Middle East. It has been imported to the US through Muslim immigration. Up to 500,000 girls in the United States have undergone this barbaric procedure or are at risk of having it done on them, writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself a victim of this practice.

Last week, a Detroit emergency room physician, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was arrested for performing FHM on girls as young as six years old. Another doctor, Fakhruddin Attar, and his wife, Farida, were arrested as accomplices of Dr. Nagarwala.

Ali explains why the MSM does not want to deal with this issue.

This is crazy identity politics in the United States of America now and when girls who are at risk of these horrible and horrifying practices, FGM is just one but there are others, what we see is that people are willing to sacrifice the rights of these little girls at the altar of identity politics. It’s very difficult for people to talk about the cultures and the religions and the harmful practices that are done by minorities and this is happening to minority little girls.



Gay “marriage,” transgenderism, children raised by homosexual couples, abortion, FGM … what do all these issues have in common? Sex.

All these are rooted the nature of human sexuality and the family. The pain exists because of the sexual revolution that has separated sex from procreation. Our identity as human is being separated from our transcendent nature as masculine and feminine and from our biology as male and female. The very foundation for our life and health is crumbling.

Why does the media not cover these issues?

Because to do so is to admit the failure of the prevailing modern and postmodern moral relativistic framework.

The journalism industry, once known as the Fourth Estate, was the guardian of society, tasked to expose lies and corruption. Today’s mainstream media is largely the propagandist for the principles and policies of the post-Christian state.

When society jettisons the moral and metaphysical framework of Judeo-Christian culture, everything becomes a social construction. Truth is replaced by illusion, all that is good and right gives way to moral relativism and the promotion of evil. The former lead to flourishing societies, the latter to chaos and decivilizing. We are in the midst of that free fall in the Western world today.

To turn this around will require compassion for those who are suffering the pain spawned by the sexual revolution. It will require thoughtful analysis and truth telling where the media has failed to do its job.

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