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We Scorn Sexual Morality and Get Sexual Predators

No one should be shocked at the seemingly endless sexual aggression of celebrities, in Hollywood, professional sports, or politics. Such behavior is the natural consequence of what is promoted in Hollywood films and ignored by the glittering Oscar community. Sexual promiscuity is promoted by Planned Parenthood and allowed in public schools. It is practiced by men of power in politics and business and dismissed around the water coolers in offices across the country.

We allow people like Matt Lauer, host of the Today Show, and Al Franken, US Senator from Minnesota, to publicly deny multiple charges of sexual misconduct, or to say “I’m sorry” without acknowledging real moral guilt. We can expect no more, because we have abandoned the concept of sin and moral guilt. At the same time, we promote anything-goes sexuality. We give license to do anything with anyone at any time.

We’re afraid to make moral judgments for fear of being called a prude, a homophobe, or self-righteous. Our culture has replaced internal self-government with lawlessness,

Everett PIper explains the genesis of sexual predators
By Joeykai

delayed gratification with immediate indulgence, personal responsibility with individual rights, real moral guilt with embarrassment at being caught, and the rich intimacy of covenantal marriage with predatory sexual aggression and rape. We allow men who theoretically support women’s rights to abuse women with impunity.

Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, speaks with compelling moral clarity and fearlessness. We have featured him in this space before. Dr. Piper’s recent article on the moral and sexual mess of our nation today deserves attention.

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For years our schools have mocked morality. Why are we now shocked to find we live in a society that has no understanding of personal morality?

For decades, we’ve taught our children that there are no boundaries. Why are we now surprised to find we have raised young adults who behave as if there are no boundaries?

Year in and year out we have taught our kids the merits of sexual experimentation, rather than the virtue of sexual restraint. And now we wonder why our country lacks virtue and our culture is void of sexual restraint?

We act as if something has gone wrong but yet we continue to teach our kids to do what is wrong.

We have torn down all standards but yet we are incredulous to find that we are led by men who have no standards.

We mock what is right and then shake our heads at leaders who don’t know how to do what is right.

“We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful,” said C.S. Lewis.

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