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Male and Female: the Beauty of Human Sexuality

  1. Everything is Binary … Especially Humans!
  2. Male and Female: the Beauty of Human Sexuality
  3. Men and Women, Mars and Venus!
  4. Human Sexuality, Alike and Different
  5. Reality is 6,500 Human Genes Declaring “Male” or “Female”

Male and female is the creation design but that truth is under a global assault. The transgender revolt is encouraging young children to deny the reality of their sex. Children as young as three are seeking sex reassignment and beginning hormone therapy. In England, the number of children seeking to be reassigned has increased by 400% in the last five years.

A fourteen-year-old Australian boy-to-girl transgender has decided he really is a boy after all and wants to revert to his sex at birth. Patrick Mitchell began his transition to female at age twelve after a “professional” diagnosis of gender dysphoria. For a preview of his story see the video below. (If you can’t see the video click here.)

What’s happening here? Are children making these decisions, or are these the choices of their parents and/or the powerful transgender industry? When adults make such horrendous decisions for themselves, it’s a tragic folly. When adults and institutions push this travesty on children, that’s an outrage and a crime.

From the point of conception, your uniqueness is established by your genetic code. And your sexuality is determined in the first line of that code. Before your genes determine whether you will be short or tall; straight haired or curly; blond, brunette or red-headed; brilliant or average in intelligence; curious or indifferent; fast or slow; bold or timid … your fixed male or female sexuality has already been hard wired. This sexual distinction is sown at conception, developed in gestation, and present at birth.

Male and Female are God’s idea

Since the beginning of the human race, our sexuality has been defined by biology. That is, by objective reality. Today, gender is defined by a false narrative which has dismissed reality and embraced folly. Although trans activists would have us believe they are promoting progress, it’s more regress. They have abandoned the full-orbed wonder and beauty of human sexuality for a flat-earth view of gender.

The gender identity and LGBTQ movements are out to crush the concept of human sexuality and the formation of families. They are rejecting obvious reality and creating worlds of dangerous delusion.

Human sexuality was established by the Creator. But these movements either deny God outright, or try to drive Him from the public square by destroying sexual identity and the formation of families.

This agenda runs contrary to the human history of male and female. Only a powerful hubris could fail to be sobered by that fact.

But quite apart from ignoring history, the trans movement also contravenes established science. Our sexual identity as male or female is real. That identity carries profound meaning and multiple implications. The distinctions between male and female are obvious on the outside, and evident on the inside, of the human body. These distinctions affirm the Designer who made us male and female for the express purpose of creating new life and forming families, the bedrock of human societies.

male and female is God's designIn fact, you could argue that our human sexuality of female and male is the manifestation of the transcendent feminine and masculine. But that’s an observation for another post.

Transgender surgery may change external appearance, but does not change a male into a female, nor vice versa.

Consider the story of Walt Heyer. Mr. Heyer, born male, “transitioned” to female, and then back to male. Heyer has written profoundly of the mistake that he and other transgender identified individuals have made.

Underneath all the cosmetic procedures, vocal training, and hair growth or hair removal lies a physical reality. Biologically, the person has not changed from a man into a woman or vice versa … Sex is an indelible fact of a person’s biology. Specifically it describes one’s biological makeup with respect to its organization for reproduction … A man can mutilate his body, but he can never transform it to be organized as female – and vice versa for a woman.

Transgender surgery is mutilation

Heyer uses strong language: Transgender surgery is a “cosmetic procedure.” It is superficial rather than foundational. It is similar to another cosmetic surgery, a facelift, which is done to maintain an appearance of youth, but of course cannot change one’s actual age. (Is “transage” the next frontier of false identity based on artificial body sculpting? “I was 60, but now I’m 40.”)

Transgender surgery is mutilation of the body. In the West we rightly criticize the female genital mutilation widely practiced in North and Central Africa, often in Muslim communities. Now, the West is promoting genital mutilation. We just call it transgender surgery. And we do it to our youth as early as eighteen years of age.

Cutting off body parts does not alter biology. External body parts like the breast or the penis do not determine our sexuality. Our sexuality is embedded into our genetic code. All the systems of the human body reflect this code: the limbic system, muscle and skeleton, the hormones, nervous system, and the brain.

Lawrence S. Meyer and Paul R. McHugh, psychiatrists from Johns Hopkins University, write without equivocation: “In biology, an organism is male or female if it is structured to perform one of the respective roles in reproductions.”

There is a design to our biology. We are designed female and male to perform a purpose, to carry out a function, that of procreation. This purpose is seen both in our design and in our function. Cosmetic changes do not alter your sexual identity. Trans/LGBTQ activists, as well as the sympathetic media, are using illusory language. It’s a delusion to believe that cosmetic surgery will alter a person’s nature.

Our sexual nature is rooted in biology

children need to understand male and female sexualityThis is especially tragic for young children whose sexual confusion is increasingly being promoted by postmodern culture. The sex-change industry, the school system, even misguided parents—including those who believe they are seeking the best for their children—are fostering upheaval in the lives of individuals and communities.

Heyer mentions Rene Jax who also transitioned from male to female and then back to male.

Jax and I have had similar experiences. Both of us were approved for hormones and surgery to resolve our gender dysphoria, and after following the medically prescribed full regimen of hormones and genitalia surgery, and living as women, both of us came away with the same conclusions:

  •    Gender change surgery was a destructive body mutilation and a waste of time and money.
  •    After the medically certified gender change, life didn’t improve.
  •    Gender dysphoria, that feeling of unease with one’s gender, persisted, and was not relieved as promised.

Why is this? Because our sexual nature is not a matter of choice; it is rooted in biology. God made them male and female.

Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, one of the pioneers and world leaders in genital reconstruction surgery, reports that more and more people who have the “sex change” surgery are experiencing an “acute sense of regret” and reporting “crippling levels of depression.” People are coming to Djordjevic from all over the world to explore the possibility of reversal surgery to return to their sex at birth. These men and women have been confronted with the reality of human sexuality. Yet their stories are not being heard, because the transgender lobby is squelching those stories. Why? Because they do not fit the glorious transgender narrative. Research into the growing “detransitioning” movement is being suppressed because it is politically incorrect.

Women and men are, by design and function, fundamentally different and yet profoundly complementary in fulfilling their purpose. Which leads us to two questions: How are women and men the same? How are they different?

  • Darrow Miller

… to be continued

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